Special Edition Art Project

What is the Special Edition Art Project?
Special Edition Art Project makes the expressive power of the arts available to everyone by providing affordable and inviting access to the creation of original works and exchange of ideas and techniques. Local working studios are places to create, learn, experiment, and become inspired in an open, purposeful, and nurturing community environment. With Special Edition Pressworks, working materials and products are available locally and globally with limited Special Editions for sale at affordable prices – anyone can own and enjoy original art.

The Pressworks
Special Edition Art Project knows the world is a big place. Special Edition Pressworks is a publishing house and global storefront, working with artists and businesses to create authentic curated works and products ranging from practical instructional materials and art books to affordable Special Edition prints, cards, folios, and more for everybody.

Welcome to the community

Velkomin Til Thingvalla

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