Special Edition Greeting Cards

Connecting with people … with accessible art

Creating art that is accessible is always a great goal. Connecting with people is always a wonderful activity. Combining these will bring smiles to faces and make for great happiness.

Our poetically themed collections of Special Edition Greeting Cards are a way to send the gift of art while connecting with others is a positive way.

Special Edition Themed Card Collections

  • Archival fine art prints
  • Theme poem with title / location on the card back
  • Index card with full set of thumbnail images & theme’s poem
  • Artist Statement printed on clear coverlay
  • Folded cards & envelopes in boxed set with clear slip cover
  • USPS First Class ‘Forever’ postage stamps included
  • Writing implement for the curation of messages is left as an exercise for the writer 

Finest art papers and archival processes for our handmade cards

  • Bergger & Hahnemühle Papers
  • Manually applied light sensitive photographic processes
  • Platinum / Palladium (Pt/Pd) precious metals and Cyanotype iron monochrome prints
  • Photographic UltraChrome color prints

Select: Desert


Red Rock Canyon State Park / California Mojave
Set of 5 Cards, sized A2  (folded 4.25 x 5.5)
The Desert — Mother Nature’s last stand. Her timeframe is not ours. Decades, centuries, and millennia are how she counts. Often confused with spite, her indifference is legend. Her persistence is epic.

Select: Hiking


Red Rock Canyon State Park / California Mojave
Set of 5 Cards, sized A2  (folded 4.25 x 5.5)
Hiking, observing, appreciating. Suddenly attention turns inward. Turning from exploration to preservation. Focus moves from composition to survival. As with music, tension builds and you feel a sense of unease, instability, with an increasing desire to return home, resolve to the tonic chord. How to image this feeling – its essence – name it, visualize it.

Select: The Watchers


Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico / Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji
Set of 5 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
Photography, capturing moments that tell stories. Performances ever ongoing, some simple, some playful, others wildly intricate.  Watching, observing, patiently anticipating the ephemeral alignment of disparate performers within the scene.

Select: Cards of Blue


Baywood Park on Morro Bay / California Pacific
Set of 5 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
The Morro back bay, an ever changing backdrop of serenity and activity. Summer’s fog enhancing the mood of the photographic elements. Winter’s breezes complicating bird flight. Sunrise through Sunset, the extremes spectacularly illuminating. Tides, ebbing and flooding, bring appetizing action to the locals.

Select: Rock


Death Valley / California Mojave
Set of 5 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
One dark afternoon a Jeep screamed across the valley floor and high into into the Funeral Mountains, speeding along a well aged rocky trail to Chloride Cliff in time for magic hour and a meeting with an approaching storm. High winds and rain of the rolling front was the price to pay for an outstanding forever view of Death Valley. The dust was gone, the air was clear, and a crisp scene 14 miles away revealed the alluvial fan with an opening in its face a mile wide.

Select: Fish


Yasha Island, Alaska / Pacific Northwest
Set of 5 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
Steller sea lions of the Pacific Northwest. Up to ten feet long and a thousand pounds of curiosity. Always cautious, bringing back reinforcements, scattering at a whim. At what point do they come back to play with their food? At what point do they scatter when Orca come to feast? After the fourth encounter of our growing fan base had scattered, it was time to quickly head back and ponder these questions safely on the boat.

Select: Mutual Respect


Sweetheart Falls / Juneau County, Alaska
Set of 6 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
Bears, when found, will ignore, for the most part, activities outside their myopic view – a view of salmon, lots and lots of running salmon. They will turn, can charge, and may come at you quickly – like that of a changing tide putting you in deep trouble at the drop of fishing net.

Select: To & Fro


Shenzhen , China
Set of 6 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
Every day is Wednesday, every night is Saturday. Ten days is optimum, two weeks the maximum. Traveling overseas for engineering support is time well spent, the payoff being the highest quality built systems on Earth. The physical toll is harsh. Jet lag to and from and 14 hour work days rounding it up. The mental toll is extreme. Never stopping, always pushing the envelope. Never letting up, never giving in. Assuring the right thing is being done, successfully, always. Day in, day out.

Select: Alaska


Inside Passage, Alaska / Pacific Northwest Coast
Set of 6 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City yearly signature event is The Race of the Rubber Ducks – all proceeds donated to education, vocation, local community, and doing good in the world. People helping people in times when the salmon are slim, the bears are hungry. Survival is hard won, perseverance is evident everywhere as life goes on.

Select: Iceland


þetta reddast / Iceland
Set of 6 cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)
Iceland – harsh and unforgiving. Accept it, become one with it, organize a civilization within it and it becomes a wonderful home. The problems this land presents are epic. Freezing on a glacial scale, famine, explosive pyroclastic events. These are the problems Icelanders face, having a keen understanding of priorities between Small Differences (sex and religion) and Real Problems (fire and brimstone).

Select: Angel


Solstice / California
Special Set of 9 Cards, sized A6 (
folded 4.5 x 6.25)
The Angel, the season’s gifted icon. Passed from family to family at Winter’s equinox, always delivering cheers and jeers, ultimately bringing the Solstice to light the new year.

Select: Ocean Closed


Cozumel / Quintana Roo / Mexico
Individual Card, sized A7 (folded 5 x 7)
The Day the Ocean Was Closed – T
he local port authority had closed the ocean as the bumps in the water were too much for a small boat to see all of the drifting divers, and you always want to dock back on shore with an equal or greater number of passengers than when you started.

Select: Signature Series Greeting Cards


Individual Cards, sized A7 (folded, 5 x 7)
Sample of  individual Signature Series greeting cards for those occasions when breaking up a set would be sad. 

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