The Hiking Collection

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Card Details
Cyanotype and coffee developed on Handbook Paper Fluid 100 HP watercolor
Limited Edition Set of 5 Cards, sized A2  (folded 4.25 x 5.5)

Title Location
Red Rock Canyon State Park / California Mojave

Artist’s Statement and Poem

Hiking, observing, appreciating. Suddenly attention turns inward. Turning from exploration to preservation. Focus moves from composition to survival. As with music, tension builds and you feel a sense of unease, instability, with an increasing desire to return home, resolve to the tonic chord. How to image this feeling – its essence – name it, visualize it.

Creative Vision, Perception
Bones of the Earth
Hot and Cured
Focus Narrows
Paths a Blur
Rest, Rethink, Recompose

Included Index Card

Hiking-Folded A2 Index


Proof of concept coffee developed print

CoffeeDino 003

Pair of cards on 9x12 medium ready to be cut and folded

CoffeeDino 005

Four phases of an experimental coffee print

UV Exposed, Washed, Bleached, Coffee Redeveloped

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