The Iceland Collection

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Card Details
Color UltraChrome
 prints on Hahnemühle presentation gloss
Set of 6 cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)

Title Title Location
þetta reddast / Iceland

Artist’s Statement and Poem

Iceland – harsh and unforgiving. Accept it, become one with it, organize a civilization within it and it becomes a wonderful home. The problems this land presents are epic. Freezing on a glacial scale, famine, explosive pyroclastic events. These are the problems Icelanders face, having a keen understanding of priorities between Small Differences (sex and religion) and Real Problems (fire and brimstone).

Torn by Nature, Below the Seas
a Hostile Land Created
Torn by Landnámsöld, Above the Seas
a Negotiated Society Arose 
Committed by Necessity, Alþingi
a Place of Fissure, an Ascendance of Structure

Included Index Card

Iceland-Folded A6 Index

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