The To & Fro Collection

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Card Details
Color UltraChrome
 prints on Hahnemühle presentation gloss
Set of 6 Cards, sized A6
 (folded 4.5 x 6.25)

Title Location
Shenzhen , China

Artist’s Statement and Poem

Every day is Wednesday, every night is Saturday. Ten days is optimum, two weeks the maximum. Traveling overseas for engineering support is time well spent, the payoff being the highest quality built systems on Earth. The physical toll is harsh. Jet lag to and from and 14 hour work days rounding it up. The mental toll is extreme. Never stopping, always pushing the envelope. Never letting up, never giving in. Assuring the right thing is being done, successfully, always. Day in, day out.

Every Thing, Precisely Measured
Every Day, Precisely the Same
Precisely Assembled
Precisely Accounted
Day in, Day Out, Precisely

Included Index Card

ToFro-Folded A6 Index

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